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A Grassroots Newcomer Networking 
Group in Timmins, Ontario

About Us

What is NEST and our mission

NEST is a grouping of socially responsible persons with the common mission of assisting all newcomers to Timmins and Canada generally here less than five (5) years, towards settling effectively and efficiently to Northern living and ultimately contributing significantly to the vibrancy of our Timmins and Area community.


Our Objectives


To advocate the challenges and resolutions for newcomer inclusion in the community.

Community Development

To participate in community development efforts, demonstrating active involvement at all levels in the City of Timmins and surrounding area.


To create a newcomer networking platform for effective interaction, general information sharing and referrals of support for newcomers in the community.


Why Timmins and area needs initiatives like NEST

  • NEST provides an on the ground voice into crafting the planning agenda for Timmins and area, in order to successfully consider the integration of newcomers.

  • NEST provides newcomers to Timmins and area with more avenues to get information about services and impartial advice to aid in their settlement and integration.

  • NEST helps foster and harness the inherent vibrancy present in newcomers coming to Timmins and area and thus revitalizes the social and entrepreneurial fabric of the community.





Andrew Persad


Kevin Mohammed

Natalya Desjardins


Strategic Initiatives Advisor

Gordon King

Luella Persad

Public Relations


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